RS 180 Special Team Edition – SOLD OUT


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Our latest offering pairs a 180mm ??? Fork with a 180mm or of Cascade Tuned Rear travel. Powered by a Bosch CX-Race DU we bring you the ultimate race ready enduro eBike out of the box.

This is the MY24 (model year 2024) & latest version of our Bosch CX Race powered ebike. We will be offering customers an RS Factory Team build which will ship setup with a Cascade Tuned link bumping rear travel up to 180mm. We’ve paired that with a 180mm fork so you can smash anything. While updating the rear linkage to incorporate additional travel, we made sure to be very careful to ensure that the bike retains all of its original characteristics, which everyone who has ridden one has come to love so quickly. This edition is limited to 75pcs and they will all be individually numbered 1/75 to 75/75. These bikes all ship with the BOSCH CX-R (RACE) motor and a 750wh battery plus all the latest bluetooth components available from Bosch. This bike is Bosch POWERMORE range extender compatible (available now) so you can increase your range by up to 25% and have a total of 1000w of battery.

*It should be noted that this bike can still be configured in any of the original releases travel setting with a few changes we’d be happy to facilitate. This means you always still have options ranging from 150mm rear travel all the way up to 180mm in various increments. More information on all these options can be requested by sending an email to and scheduling a call to discuss the best setup for your terrain and riding style. 


    • “In Stock” – Means PRE orders can be placed. These bikes are in stock and shipping is scheduled for June 2024.
    • “Out of Stock, Available on backorder” – Please email us here before placing the order for an update. We may be able to send you to a dealer who has your size in stock.
    • “International customers” – Total shipped cost is available upon request by emailing and including your full shipping address. Please ask about whether you may qualify for FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. We will assist you to ensure that you are comfortable that your new RS is delivered safely and efficiently to your doorstep. (Batteries typically ship separately and may arrive prior to, or just after your bike, but we will make sure both items arrive in a timely manner)

*One of the many benefits of this frame is that it can be configured in one of several travel settings between 180mm longest and 150mm shortest. Should u be looking for a snappier ride you, that can be achieved with just a few changes. For more information on all of the options or setup requests please feel free to shoot us an email