Bosch Powertube 625wh Battery -Smart System Compatible with Crestline RS battery spacer included

Here is a Bosch 625wh Powertube and a nifty little spacer that will allow you to run this 625wh bosch powertube battery in the same cavity as the 750wh battery that came in your bike.

What’s included:

  • 625wh Bosch powertube battery
  • Battery spacer
  • Battery clip
  • Hardware needed to mount the spacer to the battery
  • Battery integrates perfectly into the frame of compatible e-bikes
  • Lithium-ion battery is equipped with a battery management system that protects the battery cells from overload
  • Intuitive, lockable and user-friendly mechanism allows you to easily secure and remove the battery from the frame
  • Horizontal/vertical mount is determined by the bike frame and refers to the battery position; this is the horizontal mount version
  • Charge time: approximately 5 hrs. for full capacity
  • 36V; 20.1 amp hours; approximately 625 watts
  • Bosch Smart System compatible



In stock

Bosch Powertube 625wh Horizontal – Smart System Compatible with Crestline RS battery spacer included

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