Bikes That Like to Get Down

RS 205 VHP7
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RS 205 VHP

Downhill Weapon

Upgrade your tools by adding this exclusive DH race bike to the stable. All the relevant information will be released late in September 2022 and frames will start shipping in October 2022. Make sure you sign up below so as not to miss out on the chance to get earlybird information that will get sent out prior to official release. The frameset is limited to 50 units. For interested parties based outside of the US please contact us at to discuss options for your purchase.

Arriving Late 09/2022

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Gravity Bias

Here at Crestline Bike Company it is safe to say we are heavily gravity biased. We go up to come down and we'll take the most painless route to the top every time! Bring on the shuttle runs, chair-lift fueled park days and ebike laps.

RS 205 Badge

Why the RS Badges?

Why have RS letters in the model name? These two iconic letters are synonymous with racing and stand for "rally sport, however, when Porsche and Audi started to use them, they became an acronym for "Rennsport," which translated from German means "racing sport."

RS continues to be used by auto manufacturers to this day and adorn only their highest performing machines. From Porsche, Ford, and Audi to Chevy, Renault, Skoda, and more, if you look closely, you'll find RS models. Long story short, we love the racing heritage and significance behind these two letters, and feel they capture the essence of our bikes when used in the original way. For us, they will always mean "rally sport" and we are proud to keep that meaning in a totally different -- but very relevant -- sport!