The RS 180 team edition

THANK you for the support! The RS 180 FOX and SRAM builds are officially sold out!

2 RS 180s a

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Bosch CX Race DU
Limited Chalk, Raw Carbon
FrameRS1(1) copyRED

What folks are saying about the bikes

Rob Rides - Dream Build

Rob Rides - first look review on the RS 75/50.

"The limited production run means this is more of a specialty item rather than something for the masses, but riders that manage to try one out are in for a treat." [Full review.]

Mike Kazimer, Pinkbike

Longterm review: "I don’t see any of us getting off this E bike any time soon and we are excited to continue adding up the miles aboard a Crestline." [Full review.]

Worldwide Cyclery

"The RS 50/75 is built for riders who want to maximize their ride time on the trail and push the boundaries of what they thought was possible to ride on an eMTB." [Full review.]

Vital MTB
RS 205 VHP Frame SOLD OUT 2
Crestline-Limited Edition-bikes-icon-web-02
Crestline Bike Co. & Cascade Components

RS 205 VHP DH Race Frame

Or potentially your own custom, mega enduro slayer, that's up to you. Lets get straight to the good stuff. Click the 'Learn More' link below to see all the key information about our extremely limited 205mm VHP frame and how you can set it up to take on the toughest terrain! This bike was designed in collaboration with Cascade Components from the ground up to ensure the optimum combination of race geometry, kinematics and customizability.

What they're saying about RS 205 VHP

"One of the rarest downhill bikes on the planet. It is a very purpose built downhill machine, it is a race bike, it likes to go fast.” [Full review.]

The Loam Wolf

“The modular mixed-wheeled downhill bike utilizes a virtual high pivot suspension design and boasts endless customization options to match rider preferences.” [Full review.]

Vital MTB

“We’d love to get our hands on an RS 205 VHP for a longer term review and have the time to play around with the full gamut of wheel and suspension configurations. It’s certainly a bike that can be setup to be raced on Sunday and still play in the bike park.” [Full review.]

RS 205 Badge -white

Why the RS Badges?

These two iconic letters are synonymous with motor racing and originally stand for "rally sport," however, when Porsche and Audi started to use them later, they repurposed them as an acronym for "Rennsport," which translated from German means "racing sport."

The "RS" letters continue to be used by auto manufacturers to this day and adorn only their highest performing machines. From Porsche, Ford, and Audi to Chevy, Renault, Skoda, and more, if you look closely, you'll find RS models. Long story short, we love the racing heritage and significance behind these two letters, and feel they capture the essence of our bikes when used in the original way. For us, they will always mean "rally sport" and we are proud to keep that original acronym living on in a totally different -- but very relevant -- sport. So lets get out there, kick up some dirt together, and keep the essence of these two iconic letters alive!